Did you know that District 39 encompasses the fabulous Florida Keys?

Ana has been visiting the Keys with her parents since she was a baby.  She is PADI Scuba certified and in her spare time she loves diving the reefs off of the 120-mile string of tropical islands.  She understands the significance of her voice in Tallahassee and will fight harder than ever and than anyone for the unique issues that Keys residents and business owners face.

Ana is dedicated to protecting one of Florida’s most precious under water ecosystems for future generations. Ana sees the need to protect the way of life for residents and cares deeply about business owners, small and large, that have suffered the drastic impacts of Covid-19 and hurricanes on the tourism industry.

Whether you are lucky enough to live in paradise or are just a visitor from the northern part of the district, locals are confident that Ana is the ONLY candidate that will effectively represent our unique issues in the Florida legislature.  Ana has traveled the world yet stands firm in her patriotism to the United States of America and serves as a public official to give back to her community. She is committed to tapping into her network and utilizing her experience and proven track record to move the needle in Tallahassee.

On the Issues

  • Address the desperate need for affordable housing inventory to ensure quality residences for locals and to support the necessary workforce.
  • Be the voice for Hurricane Preparedness and ensure with the State that essential disaster relief is ready and waiting in the wings to provide aid and resources from Key West to Key Largo.
  • Represent the collective view to avoid astronomical Windstorm and Flood Insurance rates that can make or break you.
  • Fight for funding to address the issue of rising sea levels (and King tides) and find solutions for the threat of coastal erosion.
  • Work with state and local municipalities to find solutions to Flooding in various parts of the Keys.
  • Find solutions to Turkey Point cooling towers and canals while being mindful of tax ramifications.
  • Keep crime rates low in Monroe County.  Period.
  • Fight for Law Enforcement and Fire Safety resources so that our honored service officers can protect our 120 miles of land plus the nearby Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.
  • Remain the global leader in coral restoration and support the efforts of local organizations.
  • Influence the district and the state on the significance of water quality and showcase the Florida Keys as the model in septic to sewer conversions which impacts things like red tides.
  • Address the need for smooth flowing traffic on holiday weekends, when bridges are up and during mandatory hurricane evacuations.
  • Support researching a toll for visitors coming into the Keys to ensure a revenue generating solution to overcrowding.
  • Support all cruise ship access to the ports of Key West with obvious environmental protections.

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